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Global product pricing. Collected and analyzed just for you.
All currencies are not created equal. We'll collect and analyze product pricing around the world to help you figure out how to price your products in every country.

True Currency is currently in private beta.

How It Works


Tell the products for which you want pricing. Then, tell us where in the world you want pricing from, or just ask for the whole globle.


We'll use our price collection engine to retrieve product price from around the globe and we normalize the data.


Once the data is collected, we run it through our price analysis engine and present it to you in a beautiful and powerful dashboard.

It's that simple.

Stay Ahead of the Curve
All currencies are not created equal. Anticipate & leverage fluctuations in currency to calculate the optimal pricing for your products.

True Currency In Action

Price Comparison
Traveling soon? Use our price comparison engine to figure out what to buy!

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Content Enhancement
Use Our Data as a Content Enhancer For Your Site.

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Request a demo with one of our pricing experts and see the power of True Currency yourself.